Our Service Desk is available 24/7

The Service Desk is the central element of our services and its role is to mediate contact between the user and customer in a pleasant environment for the user. The Service Desk is the central point at the interface between IT and the user.

It ensures communication with the user on a daily basis and is responsible for providing relevant help within the agreed time frame. This role of the Service Desk is called a “Single Point of Contact” (SPOC).

The Service Desk is also the holder of all IT requests, makes sure that the request is properly recorded, performs initial diagnostics, and tries to solve the issue with its own resources. If it assesses the request as more demanding, it escalates it to specialized teams (second level support), ensures resolution, and then communicates back with the user.

Thanks to this, the user always has a partner who speaks human language available to take care of everything needed in the IT organization.

Outsourced Service Desk as a customer center

Customers of IT services have access to the Service Desk as part of other services provided. However, the IT service’s Service Desk can also be rented to relieve the workload of your specialized teams while providing top-notch comfort to your users in their daily use of IT services, whether they are internal or outsourced.

If your IT department is overwhelmed with work but you do not want to increase staff from external sources, renting (outsourcing) the Service Desk may be the solution. We will provide precise and human contact with your users, basic diagnostics, categorization and prioritization of requests, solutions within the Service Desk’s capabilities, escalation of requests to your specialized teams, closure of requests and user satisfaction verification.

The IT service’s Service Desk can be easily connected to your company’s processes or we have our own tool that supports the operation of the Service Desk and specialized teams. The Service Desk fully implements, measures, and evaluates ITIL processes:

  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Incident Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Event Management and Service Asset and Configuration Management (CMDB)

For connecting with our Service Desk, the operation of ITIL processes on the customer’s side is not necessary at all. Thanks to the flexibility of our processes, we can easily adjust their inputs and outputs to fit your company perfectly.

A simplified model of the IT service’s Service Desk work is illustrated in the following picture.

Ukážka fungovania ITčko Service Desk

Outsourced Service Desk as a callcenter

Service Desk also performs the function of a Call Center, in this case its version of active telemarketing.

Active telemarketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for communicating with customers.

Do you need to acquire new customers? Reach out to existing ones? Understand their behavior and needs or find out the potential of your products and services on the market? Then the form of active telephone outreach is the best choice for you.

We are happy to help you grow