There is a pretty rare occasion where you could find yourself locked out of GLPi Super-Admin account with no e-mail capability (e.g. GLPi used only as a configuration database / asset management), or as we have experienced recently, locked out through forbidding your Super-Admin profile from writing to Profiles in Administration (we had other Super-Admin profile available).

Either way, as long as you have some other user account available and still capable to log in, you can just assign it other profile with sufficient privileges using mysql cli, provided you have access to GLPi master database.

Switch user Profile via mysql cli

Log in to the server and open mysql console:

mysql -u glpid_db_user glpi_db_name -p

Take a note of ID of your available user account:

select id,name from glpi_users;

Change user’s profile to desired one (our example user has ID 8 and the first added GLPi Profile is always 7 (there are 6 profiles in GLPi by default):

update glpi_profiles_users set profiles_id=’8′ where id=’7′

Check to see if that went smooth:

select id,users_id,profiles_id from glpi_profiles_users;


Done, you have your Super-Admin account back in no time.

Feel free to reach us for more help!